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2011.02.13 21:58 from notice

Hello, everyone! Welcome your visit to my site! This site is a photo album for my panoramic photography. It was started in February 16, 2009. Most of the pictures were taken with my panoramic cameras with a rotating lens - Widelux F8 and Horizon Perfekt. When looking through a unique and wide perspective, the ordinary scenes of everyday life will feel very different and fresh. That's what I'm trying to do with my rotating panoramic cameras with extreme wide angle of view.

My name is Eungbong Kang and I am a Korean. I was born in Seoul in the year of Sheep and lived there ever after and still do. I love photography and I like taking pictures at places I go as a hobbyist photographer. My other interest besides photography is hiking in the mountains located in a suburb of Seoul.

Please feel free to contact me by clicking the icon below, if you have any questions or comments about my pictures.

My command of English is very poor. So I would appreciate if you understand this. And I'm worrying that such poor English may offend the others oppositely to my friendly mind or inadequate expressions may be delivered. In such a case, your understanding would be highly appreciated.

Thanks for stopping by and looking at my pictures.
Eungbong Kang, Seoul, Korea

My equipment

· Widelux F8 (2000-present)
· Horizon Perfekt (2009-present)
· Rolleiflex 2.8GX (1993-present)
· Nikon F3 (1992-present)
· Nikon FM2 (1991-present)
· Ai Nikkor 20㎜(f2.8), 24㎜(f2.8), 28㎜(f2.8), 35㎜(f2), 50㎜(f1.4), 85㎜(f2), 105㎜(f2.5), 135㎜(f2.8), 180㎜(f2.8), 200㎜(f4)
· Ai Micro Nikkor 55㎜(f2.8), 105㎜(f2.8)
· Ai Zoom Nikkor 28~85㎜(f3.5~4.5), 80~200㎜(f4)
· Nikon Coolscan V ED (2005-present)
· Epson 4990 Photo Scanner (2006-present)


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